Oktober TBR

Hey everyone!

Today I would like to share my Oktober TBR with you all. Everyone loves some spooky reads that keep u kinda sane this month.

  1. Harry Potter et la Chambre des Secrets/ (Harry Potter and the chamber of secrets) – I’m learning French at school and I want to improve my skills by doing something I love- reading and what’s better suited than an old classy for fall time.
  2. Sleeping beauties by Stephen & Owen King- I’m not gonna lie I had this beauty for quite a while now. But I will try it this month.
  3. Library of Souls by Randsom Riggs- it’s the third book in the Miss Peregrines home for peculiar children series and I absolutely adore this books. I want to continue this world and find out what’s going on with the peculiars.
  4. Lolita by Vladimir Nabokov- It seems like everyone is talking about it, except for me. I want to fill this piece of lacking literature knowledge this month.

I hope you like it.




September Wrap up

Hey everyone!

Today I would like to tell you something about the books I read in September

  1. To all the boys I have loved before- loved this one; read my thoughts on my book review 4*/5*
  2. Tokyo Ghoul RE #1- 4/5*
  3. Tokyo Ghoul RE #2- 4/5* could not help myself, I had to read it.
  4. Sturmhöhe (Wuthering Heights)-4/5*
  5. Before we were Strangers- 2/5*; Dont misunderstand me it was kinda cute but nothing else; It was a cringy middle paced love story

What did you read this September?



Autumn fashion trends-#01 Trend Alert

Leaves falling, coffee pouring, lit candles and kids going crazy because of the additional sugar around halloween. The best time of the year!
But what to wear?
Here are the „tendances“ of fashion this autumn, so a woman gotta be warm, stylish and comfy all at once.

  1. -Faux fur: Stella McCartney, Calvin Klein and Givenchy gave us the best examples that one can be on trend and animal friendly.
  2. -Tartan: Not only the Irish love this modern and never out of style pattern, but also Versace, Michael Kors, and Burberry found their way back to the 90’s.
  3. -cowgirl: Not only seen in the Saloon, but also on the high fashion runways as Isabel Marant, Alberta Ferretti of this world. So buckle up cowgirl, it gotta be a long ride at least you will be looking cute in those black over the knee boots.
  4. -supersize: big, bigger, Marc Jacobs. Shoulder pads and huge blazers are will be a common seen thing this season. Yves Saint Laurent, Marc Jacobs and Alexander McQueen are showing everyone how to kill it this season. (You can also google Kaia Gerbers’s fashion shoot with YSL- lovely red dress with blue embroideries plus to add: sexy french fringe)

I hope you liked it and know what to wear this coming season.



13274281_14807720_322.jpg Faux fur coat by Givenchy

AW18BS-Versace-158-666x999-5.jpg Tartan Trend with a modern twist by Versace (absolutely stunning as always)

Cowgirl_-Die-Mode-sah-in-dieser-Saison-nach-Amerika-aus-um-die-neue-Welt-durch-westliche-Akzente-bei-Isabel-Marant-zu-entdecken-ein-mühelos-schicker-Margot-Hemingway-artiger-Blick-auf-1.jpg Cowgirl ready to take off- By Isabel Marant

images.jpg Supersize coat and hat- done by Marc Jacobs






Book review: To all the boys I’ve loved before- by Jenny Han

Hello everyone!

Today I would like to write my first book review ever:


The protagonist is a Korean girl named Lara-Jean. She got 2 sisters Margot (older) and Kitty (younger). They live alone with their dad, who is a widower. Lara Jean is  an emotional character especially in all things doing with love: she is romantic, she writes love letters to every boy she fell in love with, as, how she calls them „good byes“; she keeps them in a hat box her mum gave to her. There are 5 in total, one is adressed to Margot’s ex-boyfriend Josh, the boy-next-door. They broke up because Margot didn’t want to leave for college in Scottland with a boyfriend in America, so she dumped him. School starts for Lara-Jean and Kitty again, the „oldest“ sister now is in charge for a lot of things: baking sales, cooking, laundry etc. One day the two sisters got into a fight and out of revenge Kitty sent all the love letters, which Lara-Jean has written. A huge disaster. Peter Kavinksy „school hottie“ and Gen „drama quen/mean girl“ broke up- he got one of the letters, which got written a long time ago, still in middle school. He wanted her back and Lara-Jean who tried to save face in front of Josh made a strange pact/contract with him,  they would be „fake-gf/bf“ till they would get Gen back/Josh would forget the whole story. But love is messy and kinda silly. They fall for each other for real and then there are ups and downs-she thinks he is a douchebag for letting everyone think they had sex in the public hot tube during their ski week- he thinks she does not trust him etc. When Margot comes back for X-mas she finds out that Josh tried to kiss Lara-Jean (although she was over him…) They fight now, too but not for long. The book ends with New Year’s eve, when Lara-Jean starts writing another love letter to Peter, because she wants him back; she truly loves him.

If they really get back together will be revealed in the two following books in this trilogy.


It is a really sweet novel- easy to read. I loved the idea of the love letters. At some points it got a bit boring and cringe worthy f.e. the hot tube scene and the following rumors, I mean, yeah people talk shit about you and your bf, your bf’s ex talks shit about you because of your boyfriend, why should you believe it was him who spread the rumors? I didn’t really get that part. I will absolutely continue this series. I love the protagonists Lara-Jean and Peter Kavinsky they are so different in social situations: he sure of himself, friendly and everyone likes him. She is a bit shy and tries to hide, sometimes. The writing style was also easy and fast to read- as soon as you started this book, you were not able to stop- perfect for a contemporary novel. I hope they get back together.


The movie to the book came out this summer. The protagonists Lara-Jean and Peter Kavinksy played by Lana Condor and Noah Centineo are great in their roles. Of course, the movie is slightly different than the book but they got the gist of it and not much got changed at all. The end might contain the biggest difference: she reads her allready finished love letter to him on the Lacrosse field and they kiss each other aka get back together. I loved the movie, too. It is a really good book-movie-adaption. I recommend it to everyone who got a Netflix password.


3.5 ♥/5♥



September TBR-back to school reads


blur book stack books bookshelves
Photo by Janko Ferlic on Pexels.com

Hey everyone!

Today I would like to share my September TBR- I know a bit late, but better later than never.

  1. Wuthering Heights- I picked this one because of the messy-love-vibes going on there. Perfect for fall cuddle weather.
  2. Tokyo Ghoul RE 1- It’s official back to school season and I need something light and funny inbetween tons of homework and assignments to do. Also the art style is realy great.
  3. Percy Jackson #1 illustrated version- my boyfriend picked this one up for me and I absolutely love it!! The artwork is great and sometimes I love to go back to old faves- again a good read for fall weather- all curled up with some hot coffee and a blanket.
  4. To all the boys I’ve loved before- I chose this one because the whole internet is going nuts for the movie, which came out this summer on Netflix. I wanna see what the hype is all about before I see Noah Centineo live in action.

That’s about it.



Amour fou? All just a big summer trend?

blur carefree cute feelings
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Everyone knows this time of the year, when butterflies are flying in your stomach, when one can’t see clear anymore because of the pink glasses they are wearing…. Love seems like the only summer drink everyone wants and needs. Classy summer romances popping up everywhere, dinner dates, coffee dates, cinema dates, picknick dates, its like an epidemic… and then there is the opposite: couples who have been together seem to fight more often, are less happy and fuzzy about their significant other.


Seems like Amor is playing „Twister“…. shooting his magic arrows in the wrong directions or not? What’s different about summer?

  • Freetime
  • Warm weather/comfort of being outside
  • wild parties
  • more social events/opportunities like swimming, concerts…

In the end  everyone is controlled by one’s hormones, not one’s own mind like we would want to. It’s no coincidence that almost all cliche High School drama-romance-movies start with an epic summer meeting intro of the protagonists. People tend to get together in summer more likely, to hook up more often, to enjoy themselves, to show their bikini beach bodies and don’t give a f* about anyone’s opinion. Summer shows us the most party/outgoing/dariest version of ourselves- so don’t let the opportunity go by; Take it and create somethinh beautiful- a summer romance, a summer hook up or break up with your boyfriend/girlfriend-if it doesn’t feel right in summer, it never will. Amour fou describes a daring, dangerous love, a mad one… but isn’t all kind of love mad? You have to give up a piece of yourself to make it work, you kill a part of you voluntary. It is pure madness but magic needs it to be able to grow.



Best poetry books


I love myself a hot cup of coffee and a good book. Lately I’ve become a big fan of poetry and although one can find many poems online on Instagram these days, there are still many good books out there waiting till to get discovered. Here are my favourite books listed with author right next to the title:

  1. Love is a dog from hell-Charles Bukowski
  2. Best of Lyrics-Bob Dylan (I consider his songs also some kind of poetry)
  3. Milk and honey-Rupi Kaur
  4. Tender buttons-Gertrude Stein
  5. Western Avenue-Bukowski
  6. The raven and other poems-Edgar Allan Poe
  7. Leaves of Grass-Walt Whitman
  8. Love in the last days- D.Nurkse
  9. Devotions-Mary Oliver
  10.  A book I will never write- Devon Eaton

There are still many many more which should be mentioned but these are my favs right now, some are classica some are newcomers but they all share an ability which only good poetry is capable of doing: creating a picture in your head and some poems in there  even give you a feeling you didn’t know you had in your body, and then you know  it’s great poetry.

I hope you like it.



Why I created all of this

person sitting while typing on gray laptop
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I gotta be honest… I don’t really know why I did this one day (today)  I got home after my hairdresser and I thought „Man let’s do this“- so I did it.

I want to share my thoughts on all different topics with you guys and/or myself including: fashion, books, travelling, politics, feminism, cooking, art etc. Pretty much everything a young woman could possibly be interested in. I don’t care wether 500 people see this or only me, I do this to keep track of my life could be an online diary kinda thing.